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Pleasant weather in New Delhi

New Delhi Delhiites experienced relatively pleasant weather on Thursday with wisps of mist and slight veil of fog early in the morning giving way to a bright sun in the later part of the day.

The minimum temperature was recorded at 9.4 degree Celsius, one degree above normal, down by six degrees from Wednesday's 15.4 degree Celsius.

The day temperature was recorded at 20.7 degree Celsius, two degrees below normal. The maximum temperature on Wednesday was 21.6 degree Celsius.

Though it was chilly in the morning, the weather became pleasant as the day progressed. The humidity oscillated between 88 and 46 per cent.

On Tuesday, the capital had witnessed heavy showers which broke a seven-decade record for highest rainfall in a single day in February. In total, Delhi received 57.1 mm of rains.

The MeT office has forecast mist in the morning on Friday with the maximum and minimum likely to stay between 2  and 8 degree Celsius, respectively.

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