Patna MMS of gang-rape didn't spur police into action

Patna For two weeks, an MMS of a gang-rape has been doing the rounds in Bihar. But that didn't spur the police into action.

On Tuesday, the Bihar Women's Commission ordered that a case be registered against the four men clearly seen in the cell-phone video. The police was not able to track them down. Three of them are now in custody -but only because they surrendered in different courts.  Two of the four men wanted had managed to leave the state and showed up in courts in Punjab and Shimla.

The victim, who claims her boyfriend was one of the attackers, was taken to a house nearby and raped and filmed.

Her statement on the crime has been recorded today - nearly 45 days after she was assaulted.

Story First Published: July 26, 2012 19:49 IST