No water, no surgeries at this Delhi hospital

No water, no surgeries at this Delhi hospital
New Delhi The severe water crisis in New Delhi has affected hospitals as well. Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, a top government facility, in east Delhi has not had water supply for the past four days. Some surgeries too have been hit.
And it has been a nightmare for the patients there. "We have been facing acute water crisis. I have problem in my spine due to which it is very difficult for me to walk. But I have to come all the way down from the third floor to fetch a bottle of water. I am alone in the hospital and it becomes very difficult for me to do that again and again," said Beena, a patient.
A lot of patients are complaining of major inconvenience due to paucity of water.
"The lift too doesn't work at times, then I have to climb the stairs which aggravates my pain. The water crisis has also led to hygiene issues in the hospital; the toilets are very dirty," Beena added.
The hospital authorities admit that there is shortage, but say the situation is not that bad. "The water crisis is a result shortage in supply from the Delhi Jal Board (DJB). But we have ensured that patients get drinking water and for that we've called in eight water tankers. And I think there's no harm in coming down to the ground floor for water. So far, no emergency services have been affected, the surgeries too have not been postponed but if there is a futher drop in supply, it may affect these services," said Medical Superintendent, Dr Rajpal Singh.
Around 2000 patients come to the hospital for treatment every day in the OPD while around at least a thousand patients are admitted in the wards.
Story First Published: July 12, 2012 13:21 IST

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