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Mumbai teen gang-raped in drain, six suspects missing

The 16-year-old was raped in a large open drain under a bridge in Goregaon, Mumbai.

Mumbai The Mumbai police is searching for four men, all believed to be in their 20s, who allegedly raped a teen girl in an open drain in Mumbai on Friday night. Two of their accomplices have also been booked in the case.

The police says the 16-year-old was forced to drink beer by the suspects before they took turns assaulting her.  

The survivor reportedly knew all of the six suspects and agreed to join them at an apartment in Goregaon, a western suburb of Mumbai for a puja linked to the festival season.

After the ceremony ended, she said she was worried about walking home alone at night.

The men then offered to escort her but raped her in a large open drain under a bridge, police officers said.

In August, the gang-rape of a young photographer at a deserted mill in the heart of Mumbai outraged the country.  Five men are being tried at a special fast-track court; the 22-year-old survivor fainted recently in the court-room while sharing her testimony.
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