Jaipur: Marwari horses charm Camilla and her Prince

Jaipur Rajhans and Ganguar, two dancing Marwari horses, won the hearts of Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwell during the royal couple's day-long hectic visit to Sun City on Tuesday. A special Marwari horse show was organised for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles in the evening by the All India Marwari Horse Society at the Balsamand Palace.

Horses from the royal stables of the region were displayed for the guests, who were bowled over by the dancing Marwari horse all decked-up in traditional attire. The royal guest took a keen interest in inquiring about the breed and appreciating the beautiful Marwari horse.

"I wish to ride a Marwari horse and take a few of them to England," Camilla Parker Bowles said to the horse owners at the Balsamand Palace.

During the day when Prince Charles was visiting villages like Tolesar Charnan, the Duchess was busy visiting the Marwari horse society.

The royal couple had taken a time out to get a glimpse of village lifestyle and water conservation efforts by the Jal Bhagirathi Foundation during their visit to India to participate in the inauguration ceremony of Commonwealth Games.

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Story First Published: October 07, 2010 13:35 IST

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