Iron rod shoved down her throat by man who tried to rape 19-year-old college student

New Delhi In Delhi, a 19-year-old woman was attacked  with an iron rod, allegedly by an electrician who tried to rape her in her home in Lajpat Nagar.

The electrician has been arrested.

The woman is in Delhi's AIIMS hospital.  

She was alone at home last evening in her apartment when the electrician appeared drunk at her door.  They knew each other because he lived in the neighbourhood and had worked at her home in the past.  

Though she tried to turn him away, the police says he forced his way into the house.  The woman found an iron rod and tried to hit him with it, while screaming for help.  He shoved the rod down her throat to silence her before running away, the police says.

Neighbours who had heard the shouts for help rushed into her house and moved her to hospital.

In a special fast-track court in Delhi, the trial has begun today of five men who allegedly hit a medical student and her companion with an iron rod before raping her on a moving bus in Delhi. The men pleaded not guilty on Saturday to charges that include rape and murder.

Story First Published: February 05, 2013 15:56 IST

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