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In cricket match fight, boy slits another's throat

Gurgaon A boy was on Tuesday killed in a brawl during a cricket match in Gurgaon, police said.

Niket Kumar, 21, slit the throat of Ikram Khan, 19, after a dispute arose over an umpiring decision. Both were playing a friendly cricket match in a plot in sector 44 in Gurgaon.

"During the match, a team member of Niket Kumar was allegedly wrongly given out. After a short brawl, he took a meat cutting knife from a nearby shop and slit Ikram Khan's throat," Gaurav Phogat, chief of Sushant Lok police station chief said.

Both hail from Hathin area of Palwal of Haryana and live in Gurgaon with their families.

"The victim died on the spot and the accused was arrested from his house in the colony," he added.

Ikram Khan owned a meat shop and Niket Kumar took the knife from his shop.

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