I apologise, we failed you, says Governor at Presidency University

I apologise, we failed you, says Governor at Presidency University
Kolkata At Presidency University today, West Bengal Governor MK Narayanan said that he had failed its students by failing to protect them from violence on campus. However, he said that "others too have to share the blame".

Mr Narayanan, who is also the Chancellor of the university, apologised more than once to the students, who later put tough questions to him about Wednesday's mob attack.

He stressed that Presidency is "a dream project" for Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and that, she is "devastated" by the nearly 30-minute-long rampage at one of West Bengal's most prestigious education institutions.

On Wednesday, a group of at least 100 people carrying flags of Ms Banerjee's party broke into the college and used javelins and sticks to attack students and teachers. Presidency_woman_student_asking_MK_Narayanan_295.jpgThey threatened women with rape. "We don't feel safe... nor do our teachers," said a woman student to the Governor.

His grim response: "Bengal used to be known for the safety of women and girls. I don't know what has happened to that culture." (Read: Highlights of Bengal Governor's address)

Ms Banerjee's party has denied any role in the attack, though a local leader was filmed at the entrance of the college as the mob scaled the gates.

Five people have been arrested for the attack, but the police have not disclosed if they are affiliated to any political party. Presidency_students_against_whom_FIR_was_filed_295x200.jpgIn what's being seen as retaliation for the allegations it faces, the Trinamool students' wing has filed a police case against two Presidency College students - one of them being a former student - for hurling stones at them on the road outside the college.

Students challenged the Governor this evening to explain "the false case."

He promised an investigation would determine the facts. "A false case is a false case... please keep the faith," he said.
Story First Published: April 12, 2013 17:30 IST

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