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His hand was removed with axe when he asked for salary

His hand was removed with axe when he asked for salary

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Ranchi:  In a shocking case, a labourer's hand was chopped in Garhwa district of Jharkhand allegedly after he asked his employers for his salary. The incident happened on Sunday.

The proprietors who run an illegal alcohol making unit, punished labourer Aliyaar when he demanded his three month's pending wages to feed his family.

"Ram Singh Yadav and his brother cut my hand and I became unconscious immediately. I don't remember how many other men were present there... God alone knows how will I run my family now," said Aliyaar.

"There has been a fight between 2-3 people. The place where this incident occurred is an alcohol manufacturing unit owned by Ram Singh Yadav and Uday Yadav. These two men cut the victim's hand. Ram Singh Yadav has been arrested. Police is investigating the motive behind this incident," said Dr Mical Raj, Superintendent of Police, Garhwa.

He is being treated at Ranchi's Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) and may not be able to work for life.

"My husband, who is a labourer, he went to ask for his salary. There were 2 men present there, they cut my husband's hand. He used to also cut wood and earn some money for us. We are a 10-member family, how will we survive, what will we eat now?" said the victim's wife.

The state government's indifference came to light when Chief Minister Arjun Munda said his state has the lowest crime rate as he was asked about this incident.

"As far as law and order situation is concerned or if we see national crime bureau's report, Jharkhand is in a very good state," said Mr Munda.

Story First Published: September 11, 2012 07:51 IST

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