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GPS mandatory for Gurgaon company vehicles

Gurgaon Vehicles used by companies in Gurgaon to ferry female employees will have to be equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) within a month.

District Magistrate P.C. Meena on Monday made GPS mandatory to ensure women's security, a police spokesperson said.

The order will apply to vehicles employed by the BPO sector, call centres, business establishments and corporate sector to pick up and drop employees.

Ms Meena said Gurgaon, which adjoins Delhi, has become the hub of globally known corporate sectors, IT firms, financial services and educational institutions.

A large number of young women work in these sectors, especially in BPO and call centres.

Most women employees are dependant on vehicles of their employees, mostly provided by car rental companies.

"Since these vehicles are not fitted with GPS, it becomes very difficult to track their movements and locate them in emergency. So, keeping in view the safety of working women, Meena has issued the directions," said police spokesman R.S. Sagwan.

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