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Fire at Sadar Bazar in Delhi brought under control

Fire at Sadar Bazar in Delhi brought under control
New Delhi Hours after a massive fire at a congested Kolkata market killed 19 people, another fire broke out at Sadar Bazar in north Delhi this evening. It took at least 20 fire engines to bring the fire under control.

The fire had reportedly broken out on the first floor of a building in Matke Wali Gali in Sadar Bazar; there is no confirmation yet of anyone being trapped.

The fire department said the fire was not massive but they sent the extra fire engines as it is a congested area and has plastic factories.

The fire department also said that another fire had also broken out at Bhagirath Palace near Sadar Bazar which has also been brought control. Eight fire engines were rushed there.

Sadar Bazar is famous for being the biggest wholesale market in the Capital.
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