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Factory allegedly burned down by villagers in Chhattisgarh

Durg, Chhattisgarh:  A cement factory under construction in Chhattisgarh was set on fire today, allegedly by villagers who were demanding permanent jobs for people affected by the project.

The villagers had been protesting near the factory in Durg since February.

Factory officials said hundreds of protesters from Maanpur Khurd village ransacked the factory around 1 am and set it on fire.

"Around 200 people barged in. They were carrying swords, sticks and fuel. They ransacked the place and set fire to 40 vehicles, including a police jeep and earth-movers. Then the entire plant was set on fire," said DP Maan, a factory official.

Ten fire engines brought the flames under control after two hours.

Police said 50 villagers were arrested. Some protesters and a few policemen were injured.

An inquiry has been ordered.
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