CCTVs made mandatory at commercial establishments in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Commercial centres, multiplexes, malls and other popular places in the city will now have Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras installed, police said today.

"High resolution CCTV cameras (with night vision capability) should be installed at such places in view of rising incidents of terror involving non-state actors," Police Commissioner S K Saikia said in a notification.

The notification, Commissioner Saikia said, was issued after a number of out-station gangs operating in the state were found to be involved in anti-national activities.

"A security guard should be stationed outside commercial centres, multiplexes, theatres, hotels, jewellery shops and shopping malls, and metal detectors should be installed at these places," the notification said.

"If there is more than one floor at such places, a guard should be stationed there also and CCTV cameras should be installed on every floor," it said.

The cameras must be of high resolution, with one-third image sensor and image colour, in addition to data storage capacity of fifteen days.

CCTV cameras must also be fixed in restaurants with seating capacity of more than 10 people, guest houses, petrol pumps, toll plazas and multi-storeyed buildings.

These should be positioned in way such that the face of a person entering the compound and the registration number of the vehicle is clearly visible in the footage.

Lodge owners should demand to know the identification address, the purpose of the visit and note down the registration number of the visitor's vehicle, the notification further stated.

Story First Published: March 21, 2013 22:23 IST

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