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Bangalore Swami embroiled in sex scam resigns

Bangalore Swami embroiled in sex scam resigns
Bangalore Bangalore based swami Nithyananda, who was embroiled in a sex scandal, resigned as the head of his ashram - Dhyanapeetam - on Monday. (Read: March 3 - Bangalore swami in sex scandal)

The Swami was allegedly filmed in a room with a woman in Tamil Nadu. People attacked the ashram - even as his followers claimed the video was a defamatory conspiracy.

"For us it is a very, very astonishing matter that the Swami has been indulging in these sex and crime activities. He should be punished and this ashram should be shut down permanently," a protester had said on March 3.

Swami Nithyananda's Ashram is located about 40 kilometres outside Bangalore. It is said he has a following of about 2 million around the world. (Read: Bangalore Swami's resignation letter)
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