Bangalore auto drivers forced six girls into a live-in relationship

Bangalore auto drivers forced six girls into a live-in relationship
Bangalore The Bangalore police have arrested two autorickshaw drivers, who not only robbed houses, but also fooled women into living in with them and later threatened to kill them if they told anyone.

B Raja's parents had sent him to work as an autorickshaw driver so that he could earn a livelihood. He drove it for a few months and then quit, but stole another auto, changed its parts, and kept plying it on the city roads. Later, he married a girl from Mysore.

However, the girl soon found out that he was a cheat, and was having an affair with another girl. This led to nasty fights, and she left him to live with her parents.

Soon, A Raj joined him, and the duo started working together. Both robbed 15 empty homes,11 of which belonged to their own friends and relatives.

Elated by the ease with which they could rob and get away, the duo started to lure young girls with a promise of marriage.

Most girls were factory workers, so they would offer them free lifts. The girls were impressed with all the attention the duo showered on them and agreed to a live-in relationship with them.

The duo were living-in with three different girls, in different houses. But soon, the girls came to know that they were not the only ones in a 'live-in'. When they decided to go the police, the duo threatened to kill them.

It was only after the police arrested them in a robbery case, that the women thronged the police station to lodge complaints.

One of B Raja's girlfriends, said, "He lied and spoiled my life. He threatened to kill me, if I told the police. I am glad he is arrested."

PI Babu Narona of  Kumarswamy Layout police station,  said, "They kept the girls in different houses. We arrested them in a robbery case, but are now investigating their other crimes." 
Story First Published: August 23, 2010 11:45 IST

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