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Aarushi case: Was asleep when the killings took place, says Rajesh Talwar

Aarushi case: Was asleep when the killings took place, says Rajesh Talwar

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Ghaziabad Dentist Rajesh Talwar on Monday claimed in the court that he was asleep on the fateful night when his daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj were murdered and internet activity recorded from his room might not be correct.

Mr Talwar's statement is being recorded under section 313 of CrPC where the judge poses questions directly to the accused to explain his version of the circumstances.

So far Special CBI Judge S Lal has posed over 200 questions to Mr Talwar in which he has been given a chance to put forward his defence, the Talwar's counsel Manoj Sisodia told reporters in Ghaziabad.

Mr Talwar was on Monday asked about the recurrent internet activity recorded from his router on the night of May 15 when the murders took place.

CBI had claimed that he had used the internet at regular intervals which show he was awake and was aware of the incident in Aarushi's room.

Mr Talwar told the court on Monday that he was asleep after 11.30 pm and did not use the internet.

Mr Sisodia claimed that the internet router was showing activity on May 16 between 6 AM to 1 PM as well even though the police and investigators had reached the crime scene and the computers had been switched off.

The router activity on May 16 shows that there was an error in its recording,  Mr Sisodia told PTI adding that he did not know whether Mr Talwar explained these details to the court or not.

CBI had also presented an Airtel Executive as its witness to support their claim that internet activity was recorded on May 15 which belies Mr Talwar's claim that he was asleep and was unaware of what was happening in the adjoining room.

Story First Published: May 20, 2013 17:07 IST

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