20-year-old murdered by two men for alleged eve teasing

Nallasopara, Maharashtra:  A 20-year-old man was murdered by two men in Nallasopara, located on the outskirts of Mumbai, on Friday night for alleged eve-teasing. One of the accused, 29-year-old Aadesh Chauhan has been arrested while his accomplice Nitesh Bairsh is still on the run.

Police say that Aadesh has told them that the victim, Rahul Gupta, used to harass a close friend whom he considered as a sister. Aadesh and Nitesh tried to explain to Rahul that he should not harass their friend, but after Rahul refused to listen, the three men got into an argument. Following that Aadesh stabbed Rahul to death, the police said.

"On Friday at 6pm in the evening they had called Rahul Gupta to their house and again they explained to him that he should not tease their friend. They had a fight, Chauhan and Nitesh Bairish attacked him with a knife and killed him," Police Inspector Arvind Chaudhari told reporters.

To destroy evidence, the duo then tried to burn Rahul's body in Aadesh's bathroom. Unable to burn the entire body, they wrapped it up in thick bed sheets, and took the body to Goregaon near Virar Road to dispose it.

Meanwhile, after noticing smoke from Aadesh's house, his neighbours alerted the police, who found blood stains in the house. They then took Aadesh for questioning to the Nallasopara Police Station where he confessed to his crime. He told the police where he had dumped the body following which it was recovered.
Story First Published: March 24, 2013 00:29 IST

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