Sarabjit Singh's anguished sister says Pakistan 'stabbed India in the back'

New Delhi Pakistan has agreed to send back the body of Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh, who was attacked in a Lahore jail and died this morning at a local hospital.
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  1. Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said that a special plane will be sent to bring Mr Singh's body back. The Punjab government has said it will ensure Mr Singh is given a state funeral.  
  2. An emotional Dalbir Kaur, Mr Singh's sister, accused the Pakistan government today of complicity in the fatal attack on the 49-year-old. "Pakistan stabbed India in the back," she said at a press conference in Delhi. (Watch)
  3. The Prime Minister has in a statement said that "criminals responsible for the barbaric and murderous attack on Sarabjit must be brought to justice." He will make a statement in Parliament today on the case. (Read)
  4. The opposition BJP has accused the government of not pushing hard enough to have Mr Singh repatriated to India for medical treatment. BJP leader Sushma Swaraj tweeted, "It is a cold blooded murder. This is not the way civilized nations behave." (Read)
  5. Mr Singh was hit with bricks by six men on Friday evening and was brought comatose to hospital, where doctors warned that he was unlikely to recover.
  6. The Indian government had made three formal appeals to the Pakistan government since Friday, asking for him to be sent home.
  7. In a strong statement today, the Indian government said, "This was, put simply, the killing of our citizen while in the custody of Pakistan jail authorities."
  8. His wife, sister, and two daughters were given emergency visas to visit him. They returned on Wednesday afternoon after they were told that his injuries were irreversible.
  9. Mr Singh had been in jail for the last 22 years after being convicted of terrorism charges. He was given the death sentence in 1991 for bombings a year earlier in Lahore and Multan in which 14 people were killed.
  10. His family says this conviction was a case of mistaken identity.
Story First Published: May 02, 2013 09:07 IST