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Rail Budget  Expectations

Rail Budget 2013: Wishlist from the metro cities

New Delhi In little less than two hours Railways Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal will be presenting the railway budget for the year ahead. This is the first budget presented by a Congress minister after 1995 so expectations are high across the country. NDTV fanned across the country to get people to say what they expect of this budget.
Here are the Top 10 demands
  • Citizens across the country were united in one demand. Cleanliness on trains and railway platforms be given more attention. Across the board, the one common demand remains that.

  • Another common demand uniting all commuters; better security on trains for women and children. This includes, more guards on trains, better facilities for them onboard trains and at railway stations.

  • Delhi: People are hoping priority is given for launching over 100 new trains, especially on some religious tourism sections. Trains and stations be made disabled friendly.

  • Kolkata: The focus remains on projects announced by Mamata Banerjee specific to the state. Will this budget allocate funds for it? People hope the dozen or so rail factories for which foundation stones were laid, be speedily built.  Also the power plant that was announced by Mamata be started.

  • Mumbai: The railways are the lifeline of this city. People here want an increase in services in the local train network to reduce overcrowding. Nine coach rakes be increased to 12 and subsequently to 15 coaches per train.

  • Bangalore: Citizens here want more trains out of Bangalore to other major cities. And bigger allocation of funds for cleanliness

  • Chennai: There is expectation that the doubling of railway tracks across major cities be expedited. The Chennai- Bangalore double-decker train be started as also the Chennai Metro.

  • Patna: People hope there is  an increase in number of local trains so as to ease pressure on short distance travel.

  • Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh has the most number of unmanned railway crossings. Commuters here want more under/ over bridges built so that unmanned crossings are closed down. Also expectations are high about the Rail training institutes supposed to start in Sonia Gandhi's constituency of  Rae Bareli.

  • Chandigarh: Not more a dozen trains pass through the Chandigarh railway station now. Citizens here are hoping for more trains and better connectivity. Also Chandigarh station be refurbished and remodeled to make it a model railway station

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