Missing actor Laila Khan shot dead, says her stepfather: 10 facts

Missing actor Laila Khan shot dead, says her stepfather: 10 facts
Jammu Bollywood actor Laila Khan, who had been missing for 11 months, was murdered along with other members of her family, says her stepfather.
Here are 10 developments in this story:
  1. Laila lived in a suburban Mumbai flat with her mother Celina, three siblings, and another relative.
  2. They disappeared from their flat in February last year on Febraury 7, 2011.  The Mumbai police says they were taken by her stepfather, Parvez Tak, to a farmhouse in the Nashik district. This was the last location traced through Laila's cellphone records. A few days later, the farmhouse was set on fire.
  3. Laila's father, Nadir Patel, who divorced her mother, had filed a police complaint in Mumbai.
  4. On June 21, the Jammu and Kashmir Police arrested Parvez after an SUV belonging to Laila was found at a shop he owned in Kishtwar.He was the third and current husband of Laila's mother, Celina.
  5. He has reportedly told the Jammu police that 11 months after Laila and her relatives went missing, they were shot dead near Mumbai by three men who included Celina's second husband, a man named Asif Sheikh, and a man named Afghan Khan who was reportedly Laila's lover.
  6. The motive for the murder was allegedly the property owned by Laila and her mother. They owned two flats in Mumbai, and Celina's second husband and Laila's boyfriend wanted to stop her from selling these apartments.
  7. The Mumbai police says no body parts for Laila or her relatives have been found; they don't buy Parvez's account.
  8. Laila's biological father believes that Parvez Tak, who has been arrested, helped in her abduction.
  9. Laila co-starred with actor Rajesh Khanna in the movie "Wafa" which released in 2008.
  10. The film's producer, Rakesh Sawant, was questioned by the Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad, about his funding and alleged links to terrorists.
Story First Published: July 05, 2012 09:05 IST

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