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IPL spot-fixing: What the Supreme Court said

New Delhi The Supreme Court has dismissed a petition seeking a stay on the remaining four matches of the Indian Premier League, plagued by the spot-fixing scandal, but has asked India's cricket board to ensure that "cricket should remain a gentleman's game."
Here are some of the observations made by the top court:
  1. One-man commission of BCCI should submit report within two weeks to BCCI and it should take action against errant players

  2. Cricket is a gentleman's game and it should remain as gentleman's not tainted

  3. It is not a case for the court to interfere and ban matches

  4. Definitely there is some kind of irregularity. But the biggest problem is the lackadaisical attitude of BCCI. It should stop. There has to be some scientific dispassionate and impartial approach to solve these problems.

  5. The viewers may not be able to retain their quietus if BCCI doesn't act

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