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Five reasons why Election 2014 is different

Five reasons why Election 2014 is different
New Delhi India will vote for a new government from April 7 to May 12. The general election to be held on nine days will be different in many ways.

Here are five facts on the polls
  1. For the first time, expenditure observers and deputy expenditure observers will monitor the use of "money power" which the Election Commission has described as the biggest challenge. More police will be posted in states where the problem is critical. (India votes starting April 7; counting on May 16)
  2. This time, the Election Commission will maintain a "paper trail" of votes cast. When voters press the button on the voting machine, a bit of paper with the name and symbol of the party will briefly appear and then fall into a box. (10-point cheat-sheet on India's elections)
  3. For the first time, voters in a national election will have the option of choosing "None of the Above" (NOTA) if they don't like any of the candidates in their constituency. The option was introduced in the December assembly election. (Elections 2014: Complete coverage)
  4. For the first time, voter slips that guide people to polling stations will have photographs to check fake voting. (Here's where you cast your vote)
  5. There are 100 million more voters this time since the 2009 national election.There are over 9,30,000 polling stations across India, more than the previous election, and it is a challenge to conduct polls in some areas that are difficult to reach. Electronic Voting Machines are usually sent by road, water, air, even using mules and elephants. (See election schedule)
Story First Published: March 05, 2014 12:29 IST

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